Workshops & Presentations

Ms. Wright has the ability to captivate sizable audiences. She has excellent command over her information and delivers it with passion that evokes a range of emotions for FTS participants. She has a profound gift of delivering important, thought-provoking messages in a manner that motivates action. FTS speaking and training services are available for a wide range of audiences. Focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Tobacco prevention, cessation, and control
  • Bullying (school and workplace)
  • Unhealthy/abusive relationships (physical, sexual, verbal, spiritual, and financial)
  • Overcoming fears of public speaking 

Please contact the speaker directly if you need assistance determining which session(s) or service(s) would sufficiently meet your training needs. Workshops can be altered if needed.

  • Tobacco Point-of-Sale Crash Course: Click here
    • Comprehensive, interactive 2 - 3 day training for those new to tobacco control and/or interested in taking a more aggressive approach towards reducing the impact of tobacco marketing at retail. 

     KEYNOTES/ BREAKOUT SESSIONS (All sessions in this section can be edited for youth audiences.)
  • Big Tobacco Retail Marketing (youth grades 7-12): Click here
  • Conquering Fear of Public Speaking: Click here
  • Corporate Bullying Saved My Life: Overcoming Life’s Challenges: Click here
  • Focus vs. Non-Focus: How Tobacco Industry Retail Marketing Varies by Community: Click here
  • Predatory Tobacco Industry Retail Marketing Practices in African American Communities: Click here
  • Tobacco Industry Direct Mail Promotions, Sweepstakes, Sponsorships, and Brand Websites: Click here
  • Tobacco Industry Recruiting Practices: Hiring Recent College Grads & Non-Tobacco Users: Click here
  • Tobacco Industry Retail Marketing in Rural Communities: Click here
  • Tobacco Industry Retail Marketing: Price and Promotion Strategies: Click here
  • Tobacco Industry Retail Marketing: Product Placement Strategies: Click here
  • Tobacco Retail Industry Marketing: Tobacco Presence (Advertising) Strategies: Click here

  • Big Tobacco Retail Marketing (youth grades 7-12): Click here
  • Conducting Retail Assessments to Expose Disparities in Access to Tobacco: Click here
  • Tobacco Industry Retail Marketing: Targeting the Homeless & Vulnerable: Click here


  • Tobacco Industry Retail Surveillance: Click here

  •  See "Keynote/ Breakout Sessions"

  • Available upon request.

  • Receive technical assistance and/or ongoing consulting services to address tobacco industry retail marketing, create and/or enhance train-the-trainer workshops and manuals, retail assessment tools and/or other point-of-sale materials.