Tobacco Prevention Materials


Alboum offers translation and interpretation services to nonprofit organizations who work in multilingual and international communities.

Breaking the Chain:

An Education Campaign to Help Tobacco Retailers Comply with FDA Regulations. 

CDC Communication Practice & Social Marketing:

Access resources to help build health communication or social marketing campaigns and programs.


CDC Media Campaign Resource Center:

Access CDC-licensed advertisements developed by more than 25 state health departments, nonprofit health organizations, and federal agencies.

GASP Smokefree Services, Ltd.:

GASP offers tobacco control advice and project support work for governmental and non-governmental agencies, including stop smoking leaflets, posters, promotional items, educational models, supply books, DVDs, age progression software, and breath carbon monoxide monitors.


Journeyworks Publishing:

Journeyworks Publishing provides health, health promotion, health education, pamphlets, brochures, posters, bookmarks, booklets.


Rescue Social Change Group:

Rescue Social Change Group is a social change organization that provides formative research, evidence-based strategy development, campaign management, & direct marketing services.


Stop Smoking Promotions:

The Store Alert Training Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to do a basic tobacco retail assessment.

Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California:

TECC produces and distributes low cost educational material covering tobacco use prevention, secondhand smoke exposure, and smoking cessation.