Participant Quotes

“I was one of the lucky folks that got to hear Ms. Wright speak at our conference. She is one of those BIG NAMES in anti-tobacco that I’ve wanted to see speak for years now! Super fascinating presentation – the retail side of things has always been one of those pet projects that I’ve been casually interested in, so it was great to hear it from somebody who was in on the inside.”

 Adam Bramwell, Senior Account Supervisor

Crowell Advertising, UT

“It is brave to speak out against tobacco industry marketing practices. The insider’s perspective is unique, very rare, and demonstrates so clearly why the regulations New York City has proposed are needed. Thank you for making the lives and the health of New York adults and youth a priority.”

Dr. Thomas Farley, Commissioner

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NY

“I am the chairman of the Tobacco Industry Monitoring Committee of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Alliance (NTCA) and the global co-facilitator for the Global Youth Action on Tobacco (GYAT). The [Big Tobacco Young Targets] documentary is something I have been looking for, for over 10 years of my fight against the BAT Nigeria. Thank you!”

Seye Omiyefa, Executive Director

Youth Action on Tobacco Control and Health (YATCH), Oyo State, Nigeria

“I already knew about tobacco industry lies; however, Ms. Wright brought it down! No going around the truth. Love her!”

Angie, Mendez, Prevention Specialist
Prince William County Community Sevices, VA

“Ms. Wright's research and expert testimony made an overwhelming case for the need for [Tobacco 21 and Sensible Tobacco Enforcement] tobacco laws in our city. It is a contribution that will benefit our city for many years to come. We are so grateful for her support.”

Kevin Schroth, Esq.

Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NY


“It was a pleasure listening to your presentation. You are a true hero in my book. Keep up the good work that you are doing!”

Bob Skilling, Senator
Senator Kosrae State Legislature (Miconesia)

"In a personal way, I am still working on applying the quotes of wisdom throughout her [Power of One] presentation. In a professional way, I will mimic her teaching style and keep it real with  my students as much as I can. The personal story and life events were extremely touching and moving. I can relate to her pain and experiences in an indirect way. I am blessed to have met Ms. Wright and given the opportunity to speak with her in person. I will cherish the words and conversation exchanged with Ms. Wright. She is an inspiration for me to make changes to be free...just like her."

Angie Millan, Teacher

“Brave Gal! Thank you for feeling led to speak out. You my friend are making a difference!”

Lori Gates-Addison, Director of Child & Family Services and Prevention
Cumberland Mountain Community Services Board, VA

"I was an attendee at Ms. Wright's recent talk at the 6th Annual Quit Doc Tobacco Summit.  I found her presentation mind blowing in respect to the level of  sophisticated predatory techniques and the cold blooded mentality that is perceived from the Big Tobacco industry as a whole. Wow. I am a respiratory therapist with over 30 years in the field and I couldn't have even imagined half of what they are doing to perpetuate their existence and profitability. I am grateful to be fully informed now and am sharing this information in strategic circles."

Kristine McKittrick 
Ocala Pulmonary Associates, FL 

"I met Ms. Wright at the Modesto PHAST Training ["Power of One" presentation]. I just want to let her know that she has absolutely inspired me. I've been struggling with a lot with the same issues that she did growing up and I've been feeling pretty hopeless lately, but seeing her today and hearing about how happy she is and how beautiful her life is really gave me a feeling of hope. She's such a role model in my life now and I am so blessed to have been able to hear her speak. I can honestly say that it was a life changing event and I can't thank her enough!!!"          

Anonymous, Student

“I’m so proud of La Tanisha for speaking out against the tobacco industry and protecting our youth! Take it from ‘Tommy from the Martin Show’...we’ve all got a job!”

Tommy Ford, Actor

T Ford Model Productions, FL

“La Tanisha captivated a sizable audience completely with a presentation that was important and effective. I was sitting in the back at a table with mostly Native Hawaiian friends who, not surprisingly, seemed especially understanding and welcoming of La Tanisha's views.”

Mark Levin, Associate Professor

The William S. Richardson School of Law, The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, HI

"POWERFUL is the best word to describe your presentation."

Lynne Arrow, Tobacco Cessation Specialist
Marion County Public Health Department, IN

"AWESOME presentation! You do awesome work! I'm so thankful I was here today! Best Presentation I've heard/seen in a LONG time. I love your passion!"

Amanda John, Tobacco Prevention Specialist
Quit Doc Tobacco Research & Education Foundation, FL

“It is very rare that one takes a stand on their principles when they might be unpopular or inconvenient. These people are called heroes.”

K.Young, Singer/Songwriter

“Wonderfully engaging and informative presentation! The link between slavery and ‘focus’ groups was extremely powerful.”

Becky Parr, Prevention Specialist
Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, VA

“I was a target in the 90’s – the young, hip clubs of Philly were my stomping grounds. Camel would come to our clubs and handout free packs of cigarettes. I became hooked on Camel 9’s by this method. These were gay clubs, so another focus group itself. They would get your address and send cigarette coupons for free packs all the time. Bravo to you for leaving Big Tobacco and using your knowledge to educate and make positive changes! Wonderful presentation! Thank you!

Mindy Walsh, Registered Nurse
State of Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities, FL

“The trainer had excellent command of her information. Excellent amount of material. Provoking.”

Steve Fitzhugh, Former NFL player, Youth Communicator

PowerMoves, DC

“I love your presentations. Every time I hear it I get new ideas on how to better our fight against tobacco.”

Ashleigh Simon, Health Educator
Florida Department of Health, FL

“La Tanisha is very poised, attractive, and articulate. She presented her material to high school students in a format that kept their attention. As a result of her presentation, many of my students said they will not engage in tobacco products. My students saw her as not only a role model, but as a BIG SISTER. It is so gratifying to know that we have such positive role models for our students today.”

Margaret Ellis, Educator

Coahoma County High School, MS

"La Tanisha C. Wright did an amazing job at Polk SWAT Leadership retreat educating both students and adults about the manipulative marketing practices of big tobacco as well as their unnerving targeting practices. Thanks for all you do."

Angela Forte, Program Manager
Polk County Health Department, FL

"Very clear and focused presentation. La Tanisha's experience will directly influence our ability to communicate successfully with tobacco retailers."

Guadulesa Rivera, Program Coordinator
Glendale Adventist Medical Center, CA

“This was the most informative, well put together training I have ever attended.”

Elaina Daria, Outreach Specialist
The Plannning Council, VA

“Ms. Wright's presentation at the Summit in Ocala was very informative!”

Colleen Franzese, Teacher / Advisor
PACE Center for Girls, FL

“Thank you for all your work and efforts to share your story and how tobacco companies target youth.”

Miguel Silva, Health Program Specialist
Utah Department of Health, UT

"I plan ot talk to my daughters, girl scout troups, and parents about the information learned today!"


Sheryl Sabian, Supervisor
El Paso County Department of Human Services, CO

“Ms. Wright is continually doing big things!  I'm so excited to see word of this tobacco documentary that exposes some of these strategies that ultimately do great harm in our communities.”

DaNelle Jenkins, Senior Health Educator
Northern Kentucky Health Department

“Amazing tobacco documentary, Ms. Wright!”

Saia Hafoka, Community Health Educator
Weber-Morgan Health Department, UT

“It was wonderful to meet Ms. Wright at the Indiana Teen Institute Leadership Camp. I appreciate her taking the time to teach the participants about her experiences and giving students the opportunity for a [college] recommendation letter from you.” 

Brittney DeRuiter
Morse + Harris Marketing, IN

“You are great, La Tanisha! What you are doing is honorable and brave. You are saving lives! Stay encouraged. Your work is valuable.”

Mary Williams, Family Wellness Program Manager
Region Ten Community Services Board, VA

“Thank you very much for giving your presentation to our Middle School and High School students.  I appreciate your willingness to come and share your passionate information with us.  I did hear some kids talking about it, and the comment ‘that was good.’”

Ed Steckly, Teacher
Lowville Academy and Central School, NY

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was very powerful and I can sense the passion that you have for what you are doing. I applaud your courage. I will definitely and have been spreading the word about Big Tobacco. I pray that God takes you all over the world so that no one will be ignorant of what Big Tobacco is doing to people worldwide.”

Lolita Gladney, Special Projects Officer
Mississippi Department of Health, MS

“I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wright and hearing her speak. Her message is powerful and she is a very well spoken, down to earth speaker.  I think everyone can relate to the information that she shares. We have to stop the madness.  Thank you, Ms. Wright, for being a warrior in the fight!

Susan Day, Coordinator
The Gavilon Group, LLC., OK

“Thank you for taking a stand against the tobacco companies! It took a lot of courage and commitment to your values. I saw you speak at ITI Camp in Indiana and I really appreciated it. I hope that you get the chance to share the truth at many other places.”

Erin Ferguson, Executive Director
Youth as Resources, IN

“An amazing role model.”

Amanda Hudson, 6th Annual Quit Doc Tobacco Summit
PACE Center for Girls, FL

“Best presentation I have seen on this topic!”

Heather Martinsen, Behavior Health Wellness Specialist
Prince William County Community Services, VA

“I had the pleasure of listening to you here in Salt Lake City when you gave an excellent presentation to those of us who work in Tobacco Prevention and Control Programs in Utah.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and learning of the tremendous work that you have done and continue to do.  You are truly a dedicated ‘pioneer’ in exposing the horrible tactics of the ‘Big Tobacco’ industry. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your years of service!”

Marcia Peterson, Tobacco Prevention Health Educator
Salt Lake Valley Health Department, UT

“Wonderful presentation—kept me informed/interested/awake!”

Jacquelyn Morean, Intern
Suwannee River AHEC, FL

“I am so grateful that you were at the Round Robin session! As a child of two parents that are avid smokers, your story really resonated with me! Knowing that tobacco companies purposely target minorities, children, and other communities to sell their products was appalling to me and as a public health student, I am eager to make a change. You are so inspiring! I have been telling all of my friends and family about what I learned during your red robin session. You were my favorite speaker and I look forward to learning more from you! You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for caring for our communities and speaking up about this issue.”

Mennen Kassa, Student
2014 Centers for Disease Control & Prevention CUPS/Ferguson Program, GA

"I will use this information when I speak to my patients about smoking cessation."

Nicole Leth, Health Educator
Colorado Springs Health Partnership, CO

“Your are truly appreciated. Your effort for the past ten years has made history and change lives. Your dedication has motivated to become a bright individual. I pray that you continue to touch lives ten more years from now. Congratulations you deserve recognition.”

Ashley Smith, Student
The University of Southern Mississippi, MS

“Liked how tobacco industry marketing was presented in a manner comparable to slavery!”

Laura Corbin, Statewide Youth Advocacy
Florida Department of Health, FL

“WONDERFUL presentation! Thank you! You’re such a talented public speaker – well researched and pleasant to listen to. We are working to pass tobacco product placement ordinance so this information will help explain the issue to decision makers.”

 Kristina Zachry, Levy County Tobacco Prevention Specialist

Quit Doc Research & Education Foundation, FL

“La Tanisha was great. Passionate. Very intelligent!”

Kellie McCrary, Coalition Coordinator
Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition, IN

"Great information to use not only with retailers but with students in prevention programs!”

Dan Hunsucker, Certified Prevention Specialist
Frontier Health, VA

“Excellent speaker/presentation. This program needs to be presented to the masses.”

Orrie Burdine, Registered Nurse
Greenville County School District, SC

“Beyond excellent! I will become a much more critical and astute observer and will no doubt incorporate some of the information learned in my presentations and one-on-one education with people.”

Nancy Cripe, Tobacco Education Coordinator
Tobacco Free Allen County, IN

“I plan to raise awareness to my community and family.”

Mike Davis, Student

Philander Smith College, AR

“Thank you for your passion and ‘cut-to-the-bone’ message—keep it up!”

David F. Keely

Tobacco Free York County, SC

“Great personal story and courage. What a great role model for our younger coalition members. I will use this information to raise awareness in my community.”

Heather Sciartelli, Community Grantee

Tobacco Free Florida

“Fantastic! So glad you listened to that inner voice while working with the tobacco industry! Love to see how God is obviously working thru you. Your mother must be proud!”

Helen Peck, Program Manager
Healthy Communities Partnership, IN

“Great handouts! Pre-test was great to fill in during the presentation. I learned about the business side of tobacco-retailer relationship.”

Monica Dioria,
Americorps VISTA/ Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs, IN


Dr. Paul N. McKenzie

South Carolina SCD, SC

“Very thorough presentation regarding how tobacco companies target our most impressionable citizens. I plan to advocate for better legislations and regulation.”

Chanae Jackson-Baker, Co-Founder
ELEVATEUs 2 Success, Inc., FL

“I will share this information with coalition members and local law enforcement.”

A. Jones

CADCA 2014 Participant, IN

“This information will help shape our next retail assessment. Thank you! Ms. Wright was very informative and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about the highly strategic planning, targeting, and marketing of tobacco companies and how it really harms low-income and minority youth.”

Bridgett Taylor, DFC Grant Coordinator

Communities United Regional Network, NH

“Will include information in my health newsletter!”

Ann Stermer, Company Nurse
ClosetMaid Corporation, FL

“Eye-opening! I had no idea the extent to which tobacco companies go to target certain populations and integrate into society.”

Julia Quattrini, Anti-Hunger Coordinator
Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs, IN

“I primarily work on alcohol prevention but will share this information with Texas tobacco prevention coalitions.”

Carlee McConnel, Research & Policy Analyst

Texans Standing Tall, TX

“This information will be used in my health education classes to educate students about the tricks of the tobacco industry. Great presentation!”

Lonnie Halusic, Health Educator

Niskayuna Community Action Program, NY

“Plan to apply this information to our teen tobacco prevention program.”

Terri May, Program Specialist

Partnership for a Drug-Free North Carolina, NC

“Great information! I will educate our youth so when they approach retailers they are armed with information!”

Karesa Knight-Wilkerson, Executive Director
Intersect, Inc., IN 

“Great presentation. I will spread this information on to everyone I know.”

Camelia Clark, Student

Philander Smith College, AR

“I will discuss tobacco industry practices with my students!”

Christine Smith, RN/ Health Educator

Jersey County Health Department (JCHD), IL

“Awesome! A lot to digest! I will add this information to our coalition’s educational materials.”

Linda Bundick, Coalition Coordinator
Promoting Smokefree Pregnancies, IN


“The extent of marketing and advertising incentives is frightening—especially the targeted marketing to the focus groups!”

Pam Wessel, Volunteer

Greenville Family Partnership/ Greenville Health System, SC

“I will implement in my presentations to youth!”

Steven Delria, Director

Lifeway International, AR

“Clear, thourough and thought provoking speaker!”
Brittany Sandridge, Director of Development
Prevention Council of Roanoke County, VA

“I will share this information with youth and families within my community.”

J.J. Foster, Director of Youth Services

Ft. Wayne Urban League, IN

“Keep up the good work!”

Corey Mason, Community Organizer

Fearless Leading by the Youth, AR

“A perfect amount of material was covered. I plan to speak with state representatives to possibly create regulations.”

Jacob LaPrade Youth Representative

Easthampton Prevention Coalition, MA

“Very, very good presentation. One of the BEST yet! I plan to approach retailers and engage our politicians about raising tobacco taxes.”

Jacob Hughes, Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
Saint Joe County Minority Health Coalition, IN

“I was glad to see so many young African Americans present at the event. Your message is invaluable. I will develop educational information about this issue.”

LaJean Burnett, Prevention Program Coordinator

Garland City Cares, AR

“I plan to use this information during Kick Butts Week.”

Katie Mercer, Outreach Coordinator

Family Youth Initiative, VA

“This information will be provided to the Partnership of Tobacco Free Maine in order to better our programs and decrease youth tobacco use. Great information! Thank you!”

Emma Vaillencourt, Program Coordinator

Greater Somerset Public Health Collaborative, ME

“Great job! Plan to take this information to my coalition and develop an action plan.”

Jerri L. Collevechio, Director of Coalitions

Hunterdon Prevention Resources, NJ

“I plan to educate our legislators and leaders!”

Irene Phillips, Program Coordinator
Community HealthNet | Lake County Minority Tobacco Prevention Coalition, IN

“I will inform smokers about what I learned today and get them to really think about predatory marketing.”

Brittany Versey, Student

Philander Smith College, AR

“I plan to implement information to reach out to members of different organizations within my campus. Hopefully together we can create a tobacco-free campus!”

Kai Carey, Student

Philander Smith College, AR

“Well spoken. Great job. Thank you for your work and dedication!”

Janelle Carnahan, Educator

Greenville Health System, SC

“I learned that I need to say away from the tobacco industry! The presentation was beautiful—well put together!”

Tierra Holland, Student

Philander Smith College, AR

“La Tanisha was awesome! Great presentation. Great information. The realization is depressing!”

Lynda Leventis-Wells, Executive Director

Carolinas Institute for Community Policing, SC

“Cigarette companies target youth, African Americans, and poor people. I will share the information with my friends, family, and other students!”

Sarah Connor, Student

Philander Smith College, AR

“I am a clinician and this has been a major eye opener for me. I have learned a new ‘language’ and plan to learn and implement.”

Timmie Wells, Oncology Nurse

Mississippi Partnership for Cancer Control, MS

“I always enjoy hearing you speak! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Christine Thompson, Project Director

Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition, MS

 “Fabulous presentation! Truly impactful to hear information from the inside, reinforcing what we know to be true and exposing the industry’s secrets!”

Kim Waser, Tobacco Prevention Specialist
Quit Doc Research & Education Foundation, FL

“As always, great presentation! I enjoyed the more in-depth information provided.”

Emily Austin, Health Promotion Coordinator

American Lung Association, MS

“Close to tears at the end. PowerPoint slide transitions effected me.”

Linda Turner, Project Director

Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition, MS

“This information will help with my approach to retailers.”

Michael McDonald, Coordinator
Tobacco Free Hendricks County, IN

“The presentation was very educational. I am African American and started smoking at a very young age. Smoking has been glamorized and the cycle has to be broken!”

Sylvia Jackson, Adult Prevention Counselor
The Center, Inc., FL

“I will share this information with my community!”

Dave Newgent, Coordinator
Owen County YMCA, IN

“Always great hearing you. Keep it up. You are making a difference in the world.”

Lori Carter, Project Director

Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition, MS

“Best Big Tobacco presentation! I will work with community partners and officials!”

Emely Elugardo, Planner II
Florida Department of Health - Gilchrist, FL


“Enjoyed it!”

Nicole Banks, Program Assistant

Making a Difference in Disparities (MAD), MS

“A lot of information given in such a short time, but very useable!”

Sabrina Wilson, Director

Innovative Behavioral Services, Inc., IN

“The presenter did a very good job with presenting the information. I most definitely learned things about the tobacco industry.”

Shalonda Willis, Addiction & Drug Prevention Specialist

Region One Mental Health, MS

“Thank you for your passion.”

Suzanne Ellis, Youth Programs Director

Partnership for Healthy Mississippi, MS

“Bravo – La Tanisha!”
Sandy Gischy, RN, Cancer Navigator

Tallahassee Memorial, FL

“Really enjoyed the presentation [Follow the Signs: Big Tobacco Retail Contracts in Focus and Non-focus Communities]. Learned new things about tobacco retailers.”

Camille Croweak, RPC Prevention Specialist

Northkey RPC, KY

"This information is invaluable in understanding the manipulation that occurs in marketing and how that fuels addiction. Thank you so much!"

Karen Teel, Owner

CORE Prevention Strategies, CO

“I am a certified smoking cessation specialist and facilitate smoking cessation classes—this [information] will allow me to serve the African American community in a more effective way regarding cessation.”

JoAnna Couch, Patient Navigator

Norton Healthcare, KY

“I plan to focus more on retailers.”

Tanya Shelburne, VP of Program Development
Little Red Door Cancer Agency, IN

“The work and commitment you do is awesome! Thank you for the interesting, informative, inspirational, and comprehensive presentation. I will educate domestic violence survivors (families and kids) at the homeless shelter where I work and other general population. ”

Teresa Durso, Counselor/ Advocate

Women’s Crisis Center, KY

“I will inform patients in out-patient and inpatient settings.”

Tamra Parrish, Registered Respiratory Therapist
Hancock Regional Hospital, IN

“The information Ms. Wright provided makes me want to stop smoking.”

Christine Harris, Clerk

Golden Tower, KY

“Powerful presentation. [It] will help me to establ ish relationships with retail owners in order to establish policies.”

Valencia Morris, Senior Health Educator

Florida Department of Health (Miami), FL

“Great presentation delivered by Ms. Wright. I would recommend her presentation to others, especially young people. Thank you for your bravery and courage to stand up for what is right (morally) and fight against Big Tobacco.”

Lynn Vinson, Tobacco Cessation Facilitator

Florida State University College of Medicine, FL

“Great connection between the targeting of minorities and their history within the industry.”

Elisco Rangel, Behavioral Health Coach

Community Health Partners, FL

"I am appalled by the specific targeting of youth and African Americans by the tobacco industry. Wow! Thank you so much for this amazing and informative presentation!"

Mary Cristelli, Health Educator
Pueblo City-County Health Department, CO

“Wonderful, passionate presentation.”

Bethany Coz, Tobacco Program Director

Central Florida AHEC, FL

“I will work with legislators on this issue.”

Karl Nichols, Executive Director
Minority Health Coalition, IN

“I have worked on policy and tobacco control for over three years. The information and content I learned was invaluable. [The presentation] was very engaging and kept my attention. Ms. Wright brought the truth to the light and related to a human level.”

Lucy Gonzalez- Barr, Tobacco Cessation Specialist

Gulfcoast North AHEC, FL

“Eye-opening experience! Excellent review of your personal impact!”

Willie Stroman, Executive Director
Minority Health Alliance, IN

“Wonderful! Phenomenal! Informative!”

Amanda G. Epps, Outpatient Clinical Case Manager

Winter Haven Hospital, FL

“Information [delivered by Ms. Wright] is priceless.”

Charlotte Jabara, CTTS


“La Tanisha is a tremendous presenter on this subject.”

Jennifer Emmons, Tobacco Prevention Specialist

Florida Department of Health, FL

“I will share this information with my pregnant/ parenting moms in our Baby & Me Tobacco-free Smoking Cessation Program.”

Felicia Williams, Community Engagement Coordinator
Marion County Health Department, IN

“The information will help in pursuing retailers. It will also help when convincing minorities in participating in Quit Smoking Now classes.”

Margarita Purvis, Director of Programs

The ILRC of Northeast FL

“Wonderful presentation. I will never look at the marketing of tobacco the same again. Growing up in a ‘non-focus’ area, I wasn’t exposed to all of the ads and I wonder if I had grown up in a ‘focus’ area, if I would have become a smoker.”

Karen Geletko, Faculty

FSU College of Medicine, FL

“Great work! Thanks for making a difference. Hopefully, no other generations of you family will be affected by tobacco.”

Brigitta Nuccio, Associate TPM

Big Bend AHEC, FL

“Thank you so much for the information and what you are doing!”

Terri Schilthorn, Special Projects Manager

Nova Southeastern University AHEC, FL

“[I have] more understanding of the role of Big Tobacco in retail. Excellent lecture.”

Dorrett Lindsay, Care Consultant

Florida Blue, FL


“Our members and partners in attendance overwhelmingly thought Follow the Signs was an excellent presentation. It was refreshing to hear truth so powerfully presented.”

Deborah Zysman, Executive Director

Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, HI

"Follow the Signs II: Youth & Community Leaders was excellent. I really enjoyed the way La Tanisha was able to keep the audience’s attention by incorporating humor, video, and a wealth of information. Personally, I gained so much information regarding tobacco and the techniques the Big Tobacco companies use to target the African American community and youth.”

Charles Debnam, Community Outreach Specialist

DC Tobacco Free Families, DC

“The trainer took the time to explain the purpose she was talking about (she did it well).”

Olive A. Lish
Holy Truth Church, OH


“I was at one of La Tanisha’s trainings and I am glad to say that two weeks ago, since she left, I've stopped smoking. I thank her for her program and I thank her that she inspired me to realize what cigarettes can do to you."

Willie C. Williams, Minister


“I attended a great presentation at the Columbus Urban League entitled Follow the Signs presented by La Tanisha Wright. Excellent! Recommend you consider bringing her in for your youth."

Victoria Wilder Crews, CEASE Program Coordinator

City of Refuge Point of Impact, OH

“This information will help me counsel clients.”

Amber Barnes, Nutritionist
Neighborhood Health Clinics, Inc., IN

“I found some of the information very shocking, and I think we all need to be aware of the dangers this may cause to many children in the community.”

Travis Dread Hughes, Deputy Project Director

The American Lung Association, DC

“Very informative and ‘eye opening’ training!”

JoAnn Smith

DC Healthy Start, DC

“Excellent presentation, informative, and enlightening.”

Gregory Mims

DC Care Consortium, DC

“This young lady did an excellent job with this workshop. Well informed on the tobacco market, very entertaining in a relax manner. Excellent!”

Lee Leftwhich

Muster Project, WV

“A truly eye-opening experience, especially for me as a white woman! Excellent material and methods of presentation.”

Annette Shumate

Catholic Charities – McDowell County, WV

“The speaker was very informative and kept the audience attention!”

JaNee’ White

African American Health Program, MD

“I have worked in Tobacco Control for 8 years and this really helped me have a better picture of the retail environment.”

Odessa Ortiz

Boston Public Health Commission, MA

“Ms. Wright is a wonderful and inspiring speaker.”

Anonymous, Behavior Scientist

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, GA

"Ms. Wright was amazing and very inspiring. She inspired me not to work for the tobacco industry and not to use tobacco or drugs.”

G. Willingham, High School Student

Coahoma County High School, MS

“Wish I had the information in this training before surveying the stores.”

Anonymous, Health Educator

Central Utah Public Health, UT

“Great presentation! Very informative! Enjoyed every minute of it!”

Sarah Simmons, Health Educator

Utah County Health Department, UT

“This was great and I learned so much about tobacco retail contracts!”

Angelica Nash, Health & Wellness Coordinator

Centro Hispano, UT

“I learned that I can affect the local retailers on how they promote tobacco.”

Pat Brady, Mayor
CHEER Coalition, UT

“I will share this information with youth in my program and the youth who belong to my church.”

Anthony Pelham, Executive Director
The Community Powerhouse, SC

“I will use this information to educate youth on the dangers and tricks of the tobacco industry.”

Dana Brock, Prevention Specialist
Cornerstone, SC

“This information has enlightened me to become more aware of local businesses who promote tobacco, especially those who break the law.”

Johnnie Mae Patterson, Parent and Child Home Provider
The Children’s Council, SC

“Ms. Wright is a very engaging and passionate speaker. Information is useful. Gave a great overall understanding of he Big Tobacco Companies and contracts.”

Linda Auerback, Substance Abuse Prevention Supervisor
Carroll County Health Department

“The information gained will help me help my family stop smoking!”

Janice Chapman, County Director
Department of Social Service, SC

“I plan to give this information to my family and church family.”

Gwendolyn Harris, Case Manager
Guardian ad Litem, SC

“I will pass along what I have learned about the deceptions and motivations targeted to the public for monetary gain of the tobacco industry.”

Janice Ayres, Child Advocate
Guardian ad Litem, SC

“This information will be used to increase prosecution of minors in possession of tobacco.”

Shelly Ollic, Police Lieutenant
Goose Creek Police Department SC

“I will share this knowledge with everyone! Truly enjoyed the information! TM information was unbelievable!”

Regina Hagwood, Title 1 Parent Coordinator
Lancaster County School District, SC

“I will explain to the students in our high schools of the marketing within tobacco manufacturers as well as reiterate the dangers of smoking and smokeless tobacco.”

Di Boulware, Nurse/ Prevention Educator
Lancaster County School District, SC

“Thank you for your dedicated work!”

Lesley Becker, Prevention Coordinator
Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, VT

“Much of this information can be used as a resource for our Life Skills and Project Alert sessions regarding tobacco. Excellent presentation!”

Denise Schultz, Lead Program Coordinator
Youth First, Inc., IN

“I work with retailers to ensure they are compliant with the underage drinking laws and not selling tobacco to minors. His helped give me a better understanding to why they have tobacco where they do. I’d like to learn more about this so I can better help and interact with retailers in my community.”

Cathy Neesam, Prevention Specialist
Keystone Substance Abuse Services, SC

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I took a lot of notes. Thank you for the information. I will share this information with the youth ministry at my church.”

LaMonica Blair, Research & Development
PAX Good Behavior Game, SC 

“[The training] will help prevent teen smoking.”

Juss Wright, Student
Nettleton High School, MS

“I plan to use the information learned during the training to make a difference in my community/family.”

Whittley C. Stiff, Student
Gateway MAP Coalition, MS

“I really enjoyed the speaker. The information is helpful for going into stores and completing merchant surveys.”

Mallory Green, Student
Gateway MAP Coalition, MS

“I will share the information with others to make them more aware of tobacco marketing.”

Erykah James, Student
Jefferson County High School, MS

“Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this ‘eye-opening’ training!”

Gloria Elayne Owens, Community Development Specialist
Gateway MAP Coalition, MS

“Great presentation as always. You kept everyone engaged and the students retained the lessons based on verbal responses!”

Cheree Albritten, Project Officer
Mississippi Department of Health Office of Tobacco Control


“Very informative, learned a lot! Great speaker!”

Shirley S. Brown, Assistant Program Director
Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition, MS

“This is the third time I have heard Ms. Wright speak. Each time I take away valuable information.”

Cheryl Jackson, Regional Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
Clay County Health Department, WV

“I plan to take the information and share it with students and family who smoke and ue e-cigs, hookah. Very informative!”

Jan Gay,Baldwin School Social Worker
County Board of Education, AL

“The tobacco contract and e-cig information was great!”

Christina Barbierri, Community Health Educator
Worchester County Drug and Alcohol, MD

“I plan to use the information by letting my friends know that smoking can cause death and other bad stuff. And I will not work for the tobacco industry.”

Zoila Cisneros, Student
Sunnyside Union, WA

“I will be sure to never work for the tobacco industry.”

Dogan Humbree, Student
Stillwell Can, OK

“I will make sure people understand the real hurt of tobacco.”

Tarin Ford, Student
Stillwell Can, OK

“I plan to go back to my school and share what I’ve learned.”

Sidney Sutterfield, Student
S.M.I.L.E., OK

“Very dynamic speaker.Really connected with the youth in the room.”

Pam Barker, VISTA Youth Coordinator
Montana Tobacco Prevention Program, MT