Menthol Dangers

Bibliography of Literature on Menthol & Tobacco:
Menthol Toolkit (Public Health Law Center):


First Conference on Menthol 2002:

Second Conference on Menthol 2009:


Do Smokers of Menthol Cigarettes Find it Harder to Quit Smoking?
Menthol Cigarettes - Moving Toward a Broader Definition of Harm
Menthol Cigarettes Contribute to the Appeal and Addiction Potential of Smoking for Youth

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The Menthol Marketing Mix -Targeted Promotions for Focus Communities in the United States
The Role of Menthol in Cigarettes as a Reinforcer of Smoking Behavior
Tobacco Industry Knowledge of the Role of Menthol in Chemosensory Perception of Tobacco Smoke

Why We Should Make Menthol Cigarettes History


Danger of Menthol Cigarettes:

Menthol Cigarettes are More Addictive, New Research Finds:

Menthol Cigarettes Marketed in ‘Predatory’ Pattern, Study Shows:
Threat of Menthol Cigarettes:

Tobacco Industry Manipulated Menthol to Recruit Young People: